Andrews Hamburgers


4092 4094 4098 4104

144 Bridport St, West Albert Park

I went to Andrews Hamburgers last week with my sister. Looking at the photos is making me so hungry for a burger right now. I didn’t have free time this week to go out and try a new place. I think that means I need to have at least two burgers next week.

Andrews Hamburgers gets the thumbs up from me and my sister, who actually took her fiance there a couple days later because she loved it so much.

I can’t remember what mine was called, I think it was just called plain. It was just the basic one $7.50 and I added cheese for $1.00. I really enjoyed it, it wasn’t a juicy, saucy burger and the burger to bun ration was spot on. It was different to the other burgers I have had so far because it had cabbage and lettuce.

As I was eating, I overheard some German tourists saying it was the best burger they have ever had. So yeah, I don’t know if I can say that, but I would totally go back.

You might find it a little intimidating when you walk in because I did, there is some serious burger making going on in there, noone really said hi when I walked in and it was a little bit tricky to see the menu. I think I felt this way because in my mind I was expecting the same thing as MR Burger and Huxtaburber, where everything is clear and shiny and fancy. So if you do feel intimidated like me, just relax, don’t let that stop you, once the staff take your order you’ll realise they’re actually nice, just really busy.


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