Norma Kamali



This image of Norma isn’t mine, it belongs to Garance Dore.


I discovered Norma Kamali last night while I was catching up on Garance Dore’s posts. HERE Garance interviews Norma and the focus is on her beauty regime. And yes, this is how my new obsession with Norma Kamali began. I had never heard of someone using olive oil in so many ways and never as beauty products so I was intrigued, and I was also intrigued how at age 68 Norma looks so great.

After much searching I found out so many more things to love about Norma. Norma lives in New York and has been a fashion designer for many years. She is also an entrepreneur and an innovator and is known for beginning many trends in fashion over the years, ironically of course because she herself is not into trends but personal expression. Gosh that was a long sentence.  Norma opened a Wellness Cafe as “…a retreat from the sensory overload we face in our everyday lives…”. Along with many, many other accomplishments.

The one thing that resonated with me the most about Norma is the campaign she has started called ‘Stop Objectification’. Norma believes that one of the biggest problems women face is objectification. Through her campaign Norma’s goal is to empower women. Her idea is to begin with fitness, health and wellness, which are her power. Once you begin focussing on these things you will begin to care for yourself, respect yourself and learn to love yourself so that you can overcome any self esteem or confidence issues and be empowered and take control of your life.

I am so happy that I came across Norma, it really inspires me when I see people out there trying to help others in such positive ways. She has really inspired me and I already feel so much more positive and I feel like being empowered is really possible.

Below I’ll add the links to the video’s I watched and some of the articles/interviews I read. I really hope that you can take the time to watch/read them and I really hope that she inspires you as much as she inspired me.


( if you google aol norma kamali there are actually a few videos that come up, you should also watch the one with her and spiritual counsellor Abdi Assadi)

Norma Kamali Website

Norma Kamali Wellness Cafe

Stop Objectification

Norma’s Weekly Workout

Interview with Norma

Norma post on Garance Dore


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