Met Gala 2014

If you went to the Met Gala, what would you wear?

What would I wear?

I’m sitting here scrolling through all the images on and focusing only on the actual dresses. Thinking about which ones I like and why. I’m looking through them and noticing a lot of mid-driffs, which are so hot and in fashion right now, and if I had a nice mid-driff I’d totally be all over that. There are also a lot of OTT ( over the top) dresses, and they are so  distracting, so much happening, for example the Rodarte dress worn by Shailene Woodley. Also not really sure how I’m feeling about all of the volume in most of the dresses I’ve seen. I think maybe it is the stiffness of the fabric that I’m not a fan of. Or is it that I’m just not used to that look?

My favourites are probably these:

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals488334011_200839418438.jpg_gallery_maxblake-lively-ryan-reynolds_210912843918.jpg_gallery_max img-naomiwatts_21245113135.jpg_gallery_maxwenn21320406img-stellatennatmetgala_215617482725.jpg_gallery_max



Anna is my most fave. And I would have to say the Olson twins come in pretty close to being my fave too.


The thing I was actually just thinking is ‘don’t be so quick to judge Juliet’. Some of these gowns have taken hours upon hours to create and bring to life. And no photograph will do most of them any justice at all. I have a very special video I just re-found, one of my friends showed me it a while ago and after watching that you can understand what i mean about appreciating all these creations on the red carpet.

That there is a video showing how some of Chanel’s Haute Couture pieces are delicately made by hand and you will notice one of the items is in fact the exact Chanel dress the lovely Anna Wintour is wearing. So much love and want for that dress.

Also how come I only just found out about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds?! Such a hot couple.


Photo 1: Anna Wintour wearing Chanel Fall/Winter 13/14 Couture

Photo 2: Alexa Chung wearing Nina Ricci

Photo 3: Blake Lively wearing Gucci Premiere

Photo 4: Naomi Watts wearing Givenchy Haute Couture

Photo 5: The Olson’s wearing vintage Gianfranco Ferre and Chanel

Photo 6: Stella Tennant in Burberry

Photo 7: Leighton Meester: Emilio Pucci





– Vogue Met Gala 2014 Gallery

– Glamour Met Gala 2014 Gallery

 – Daily Mail Met Gala 2014 Gallery

– Making of Chanel Haute Couture


7 thoughts

  1. Brilliant, thank you, I’d seen a few pic’s in the news and couldn’t quite workout what the dress code was meant to be. A Ball in my head is a big “ball gown” style dress, but this Ball seems to mean “wear the outlandish dress that you didn’t think you’d get away with at The Oscars”. You’re right, Anna’s dress is fabulous, as is Beyoncé’s, but I was not a fan of the mid-drift on show with Rihanna and such likes. Did you see the outfit that Madonna supposedly wanted to wear but Anna told her not too?

    1. Actually after writing this I read another post about the gala. There’s a blog called the fashion graduate. The post explains the theme which was Charles James. He was the first American couturier. So know I understand that’s why we saw all those big ball gowns. I failed to mention that even though I like the mid-drift look I thought it was too casual for the met gala and not really fitting in with the theme. I’m still deciding on whether I like beyonces look. Lol. That outifit (madonnas) was ridiculous. I found myself thinkng, if she was prepared to wear it to the met gala, why did she feel the need to sensor it in the photo? Surely she wouldn’t go to a ball with her breasts exposed like that? Who knows. I’m glad she didn’t turn up wearing that.

  2. I love all the photos from the Met Gala. It’s always been the best fashion of the year presented there in my personal opinion, or at least the right stage for adventurous couture rather than ready to wear copy and paste ball gowns. If I could go myself, I would most definitely be rocking anything by Ziad Nakad, especially number six in his Spring/Summer 2014 collection –
    I love all your fashion posts though, it’s nice to see someone with a personal opinon, rather than a bland regurgitation of events 🙂

  3. Haha I was about to leave a comment about the point of the big volumes/proportions of some of the gowns, e.g. Karolina Kurkovam but you’ve since read about it! Anyway I’m glad you also liked my favourite Naomi Watts. And also, the Chanel video is amazing. 🙂

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