Technical Sketches

05.20.2014 -  class exercises_skirt technical


As well as developing our hand drawing skills, we, fashion students, also need to be pretty savvy with using Illustrator a.k.a. CAD; Computer Aided Design. When I started my course last year I had never used Illustrator and had no idea how to even draw a line with it. It is really interesting to me to see how far I’ve come with it, and it is really amazing, all the different things you can do with Illustrator.

The image above is something I was working on as part of a group class project. We had to work as a team to complete a skirt catalogue. We each had a few images of skirts and had to re-create them as technical sketches with front and back views. So these are the ones that I did. I’m quite pleased with them.

In my degree we use Illustrator a lot. Our end of semester collections are accompanied by three boards; A mood board (usually created on Photoshop and Illustrator), A range board ( usually a combination of hand sketches, scanned images into illustrator, possibly Photoshop for backgrounds) and a Technical Board ( definitely using illustrator). The Technical Board is usually very detailed and includes all important information, such as front and back views. Seams, stitching, pockets, zips, basically every detail that is on the garment needs to be illustrated on this board. I feel like I’m missing a board, but maybe not.

I have been using Illustrator only while at Uni, but I just purchased it the other day, so hopefully I can start using it more to create different types of illustrations.




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