Mood Board

mood board 8


I mentioned mood boards in my last post, so here’s the mood board for my collection. This is version 8 out of maybe 12. It’s still not 100% complete. I still need to think of a name for the collection, so that will need to go on the board along with the season. So, like, AW 15.

What’s on my mood board? What is a mood board? Why are those images on my mood board? I’m a mind reader, aren’t I.

Mood board aka Inspiration board. Basically I have a brief that’s given to me by my lecturer, this one was something like, create a uniform for a bar in Melbourne, create a minimum of two pieces. You must reference an historical precedent, include surface disruption and something else but i’m not sure what it was.  So then I do research using the brief as a guide. I looked at a million things. I started with researching William Shakesepeare and the 15th and 16th century, and then after some fun bar hopping I chose Bar Americano as my client. This research led me to the idea of deception. Why deception? Long story, but quickly, there has been speculation that the portraits of William Shakespeare are not of him and are in fact of an imposter. Also I looked at a phrase Shakespeare coined; “All that glitters isn’t gold”. Things aren’t as they seem, equals, deception. And then Bar Americano, the idea of the bar comes from the 1920’s when there was alcohol prohibition in America and all the bartenders moved to Paris from New York and were making American cocktails using European ingredients, deception! So that’s just very brief.

And then in terms of surface disruption I looked at things such as, applique, embroidery, pleating, and then started playing with ripping, shredding, grating fabric, basically distressing the fabric like they do with denim jeans.

So to explain my mood board the image is of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. He was born in the same year as Shakespeare, I think he could’ve attended Shakespeare’s plays, or Shakespeare could have even written about him, I just liked his clothing better than Shakespeare’s so I drew inspiration from him. A lot of my designs have been influenced by the fashion of that particular time. The black/navy/white, swirly image is a photo of my denim ripping experiment. And the dark part on the left is a photo I took of the wall outside Bar Americano.

So that’s my mood board. Let me know what you think and also if you can suggest a name for my collections so I can have a starting point. One more week and then holidays and normal sleeping patterns can resume, and I get to see my friends again.




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