raincoats range

range board raincoats.JPG



Imagine stress levels scaled from one to ten. One being no stress, and ten being super stressed. I think i’m at twenty-five. Haha. I’m not panicked or freaking out. I just have this running list of things I need to do going in my head. My main problem is that I am running out of time, I don’t have any days off and I basically have one thing due everyday.

At the moment I am working on a group project which is due on Tuesday. The project is to make a business plan on a hypothetical business. We need to also write a report and present our business plan to a panel. Our business is a company that sells cool raincoats, we called it Solstice Co. The image above is the range board I am making right now. When it’s done I will print it on A3 paper and put it onto foam board, which will be standing alongside some other boards and will be on display at our presentation.

One more week and then holidays.




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