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I usually work in a department store on the weekends. This particular weekend was very quiet, my friends an I thought it was due to the announcement of the new budget . People are keeping their money and not spending until they know what is going on.  Anyway, because it was quiet I had a moment where I was able to just stand around and observe. I just took in everything around me and just started thinking of all sorts of things. I took note of some of my thoughts (pictured above).

I was just observing a couple, probably in their mid to late thirties, and I started getting curious about them.

Some of my thoughts as listed above are;

– Do you look at people and wonder what their life is like:

– What will they do once they get home?

– What are their daily struggles?

– How did they meet?

– Is one of them dominant over the other?

– Are they happy?


I always find it funny/interesting, how us people, we’re all the same, but also quite different. And we do the same/similar things but live completely different lives. Something to think about.




4 thoughts

    1. Hi Terry,
      I’m happy you told me this. I’d like to know some of your stories. I usually keep mine to myself because most people have the same reaction as your wife, but I’m trying to be more confident and just say and share the things I am thinking. Thanks for your comment.

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