Foto Friday

Looking through these photos I noticed I’ve been reading a lot more lately. Almost all the photos are of books, or things I have found in books. Yay for books, they fill me with life and inspirations. Anyone been reading anything interesting lately?


I founds a delicious recipe for this Pomegranate-Banana Lassi. I can’t wait to make it!
Another shot from a page in the book ‘Around Australia with Jacky Winter’. Such clever typography.
This is a page from the newest Post Secret book.
My friend Joel was reading this and said it is quite great.
A little melfie after work on Sunday
This is the jacket I made today, using that fabric I’ve spoken about it previous posts. Didn’t actually turn out too bad.
My lovely brother left this for me, such a thoughtful boy!
This here is another piece of my collection, it’s like a tunic/top/dress thing. It’s menswear.





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