Hi old friends

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a blog post!

It’s all changed and I don’t even know where the dashboard has gone. It’s not at all how I remember it.

I’ve been spending all my time on Instagram. How great is Instagram? It is so much fun. Except for when it went and crashed for like an hour yesterday afternoon, right after I finished work. I tried to refresh my page, and nothing. I was like what? What is life? I can’t see if anyone has liked anything! I can’t see new posts! What if I miss something! And then I thought what if just all of a sudden their was no internet connection. Like if the internet just didn’t work. Would I even exist? Would anyone else exist?

Is your life recorded anywhere else other than online? You know because there is FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter (which was working thankfully), and then Email, Snapchat, Imessage, and more, where we document our daily existence. How would you keep in touch with the rest of the world if there was no internet. How can I share my drawing with everyone if Instagram doesn’t work?

Some people who thought they were funny on twitter were like, read a book, eat without taking a photo, smell real roses. I thought that was lame. Because we can do those things, it’s just more fun when you can share them with your friends, (all your friends.) Could you imagine life pre-internet. How different.


Here’s a burger I drew and posted on IG yesterday. It’s from 8Bit in Footscray. They make great burgers.



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