John Wolseley – NGV



11 APRIL 2015 – 20 SEPTEMBER 2015


I went to the NGV Ian Potter Gallery to see this exhibition and I think it is absolutely incredible.

John Wolseley is from the United Kingdom and has been living in Australia since 1976. Wolseley was commissioned by Sir Roderick Carnegie AC to complete a “new series of works that would capture the Australian landscape at the beginning of the twenty-first century.”

I highly recommend that when you see the exhibition that you should go on a guided tour (the exhibition and tour are free.) I feel that it adds more value and insight to you and you can get to know the art works a  lot better.

Being a city dweller myself, what I enjoyed the most (aside from being inspired by Wolseley’s techniques and art) is that it brought my attention to the natural world. Wolseley mentions in the video at the end that “as a species we are completely detached from natural world”, he says that what he does to create his work is to understand how the natural world works, and to do so he lives the landscapes and now has “almost four decades of intimate association with the land.”

The exhibition ends in September (which is a while a way) but put it into your schedule and make sure you see it before then. I know I’ll definitely go to see it again.


LINK to NGV page

LINK to John Wolseley Webpage


credits: Photographs by Juliet, Artwork by John Wolseley


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