I travel for work… A lot!


Charlotte Ree | August 25, 2015

Last year I flew close to 40 flights ✈️ and this year there will be just a few more than that. Despite being exhausting at times, there are some perks to being a frequent flyer…

Things like becoming an expert suitcase packer, knowing which lines move the fastest, how to avoid those pesky security checks and most importantly, automatic Qantas club membership (AKA unlimited ham, cheese and tomato toasties).

I have my own travel essentials that I just can’t leave home without. Most importantly, my Crumpler ‘Vis-A-Vis’ suitcase. This is where the #travelnerd in me comes out. I spent months studying the perfect hard case suitcase and stumbled upon this sexy beast and it’s even sexier compression packing system! Plus it has a lifetime warranty.

I also travel everywhere with my Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment, Aesop Skincare hand cream, backup iPhone battery pack, laptop, bottle of water and a damn good book (preferably published by Pan Macmillan).



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