Where did you go?


Badra Aji | September 01, 2015

Most people say, thank god it’s Friday.

I say, I can’t believe it’s already Friday. Again.

I mean, where did it all go?

Time. Where did it go?

Quantifying time seems almost pointless sometimes. It just passes without you knowing. Josh once said (possibly during Utkatasana) that everything goes faster when you breathe. I thought, for a few seconds, that time should be measured with our breath. But that is just a ridiculous idea.

It would be fun too if time somehow stops when you hold your breath. I would’ve held my breath for an eternity in 2012. Because some nights that winter, Thursday nights, I was content. Temporarily of course. Because again, time slipped.

Where did it go?

 Where did it go?

Where did it go?

Where did we go?

Where did you go?

Where did



did you go?

Where           did          you        go?

Where               did               you               go?

I hate personifying things, especially intangible things. But it’s hard when time is quantified and the days are named.

Breathing is harder to count too. But it makes you present. And when you are, you co-exist with time.

My questions are now;

Was I meant to hold my breath?

Or co-exist with time (and you)?


[ Credits: Words by Badra Aji, Painting by me. ]


4 thoughts

  1. So often your posts, here or on Instagram, elicit a an uncontrolable sound from me. sighs or giglgles or sometimes dancing.

  2. I find myself sighing a lot lately, not in a bad way, I think it’s this whole ‘in the moment” business. I’m trying to slow things down with a long audible breath. However my weeks going though, I never find my self saying thank god it’s Friday!

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