How I feel about Fashion School – 01

maxine collection

MaxineTanner | September 04, 2015

For me, showing in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is like Raf Simons being named creative director of Dior. Ok yes I have been watching ‘Dior and I’ on repeat lately hence the Raf reference, and I tend to do that as a form of procrastination when I have an insane amount of work to do. The weekend before the collections were due, I would stay up until the AM hours watching behind the scenes videos of the Dior and Chanel haute couture collections and then secretly die on the inside because my level of work was nothing compared to these pieces of art.

Perhaps it was a coping mechanism? I obtained a few of these over the weeks preparing for the show. My biggest one? Chocolate. There’s no question that it single handedly fuelled my procrastination. Buttons and buttonholes to stitch onto my coat? How about a mars bar to take the edge off. Toggles, eyelets and cord ends to order? Maybe after I devour this caramel koala. Two meters of boning to unpick and re-stitch in my dress side seams? I’m going to need the energy of marvellous creations and an iced chocolate before I tackle that. Hand knitting panels to be hand stitched to the dress? Nope. Maltesers. That is all.

It was an extremely long process preparing for the show, which for a procrastinator like me meant one thing. An abundance of never ending to do lists. I actually had a mural on wall solely dedicated to to-do lists. I broke everything down into such menial tasks so I could frequently get things crossed off to give me a sense of accomplishment, which in reality was such a small drop in the ocean of what I had to do, it was definitely a skewed sense of accomplishment.

Looking back at the finalised collection now I feel a sense of accomplishment, I got everything done and they weren’t the easiest of feats. Hand knitting with oversized yarn and needles that gave me arthritis and looked like a weapon out of Game of Thrones. Making a backpack from expanding foam that stuck to my hands for weeks after wards because I refused to wear gloves. Hand tacking, blind hemming then hand tacking again yarn onto mesh that was so thick it bruised my fingers when stitching.

Maybe after having created and achieved something so important, I am like Raf Simons in a way. That is if Raf Simons spends four months procrastinating and working on one four look collection, drowning his sorrows in chocolate.

But hey any life with chocolate is the good life right?

[ Credits: Words by Maxine Tanner, Photos by: Carolyn West, Broadsheet, Pnpmedia. ]


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