How I feel about Fashion School – 07


Maxine Tanner | October ,24 2015

When the end is nigh

And all you want to do is cry

Or crawl up into a ball and die.

But you have to finish the year

So you can have a celebratory beer

Instead of living the rest of your life in fear

Of failing and having to repeat the last year.

You could mimic Raf Simons, and quit while you’re ahead

Or you could work to the bone and sleep when you’re dead.

Your motto for the past three years has been P’s equal degrees

Yet you can’t get a pass by begging or simply pleading please.

Staying awake for over 24 hours at a time will become a ritual

Printers running out of ink and files becoming corrupt will be perpetual.

Still you’ll have to meet the set due date

Or the fact that you wind up working at McDonalds won’t be merely fate

Your lecturers tell you of all the possible jobs to apply for

From working for Dior to opening your own label and retail store

But once you finish this semester all you’ll want to do is stay home and sleep

And when lecturers ask what has come of you, no one will have heard a peep.

Who knows what the future will hold

You might move to sovereign hill and make a living panning for gold.

You might journey to a foreign land

And relax on the beach with your feet beneath the sand.

You might actually get a job at a high end label in fashion

Just as intended, and your job would become your life’s passion.

Then again you might be satisfied with your job at McDonalds

Where you journey up the corporate ladder and eat your way past the models.

After all these life decisions are prudent

But, let’s face it, thats the life of a fashion student.

[ Credits: Words by Maxine Tanner, Illustration by me. ]


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