Do The Things


Juliet Sulejmani | November ,13 2015

2015.11.13_blog_001_imageI started making a list of things that got in my way of doing things. This was the list:

  • Every time I open Microsoft Word, it opens the page as landscape. I never use landscape!
  • The apps I frequently use on my iPhone are in folders or on the third page on my phone. Annoying. Waste of time.
  • Every time I open illustrator this info box comes up. I have never read it, and I never intend to, I also never tick the box that says ‘don’t show this message again.’
  • Instead of making a note of the blogs standard image size so I remember, every time I need to know the size, I go and pretend I’m posting an image just to see the dimensions. How annoying.
  • On my work computer it would open up Bing, instead of Google. I hate Bing. So I search for Google on Bing.

I actually threw the list away after I corrected all these many annoying daily barriers. I can’t remember what they all were, but you get my drift. Move those apps to the front page, change that Don Draper background you’ve had for two years, tick the damn ‘don’t show this message again box.’

Do The Things!

It will literally take you no time at all and you will just be that tiny bit happier everyday because you won’t  be coming up to these roadblocks every time you try to do something.



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