Juliet Sulejmani | November ,13 2015


Starting today, I will be blogging daily. Woo!

There won’t really be  a theme, it will basically be me sharing things that I learn, or find interesting or what ever I’m obsessed with at the time. Like for example at the moment I’m obsessed with Casey Neistat and his Vlogs. He is actually the inspiration behind this challenge. I figured if a guy with a family and a new tech company, amongst other things, can create a 6-10 minute high quality vlog/movie daily, then I can at least do one post a day on my blog.

There will be no specific medium for this daily blogging routine. It will be what ever I feel like, so, words, lettering, illustration, film, animation, or all of the above.

Maybe I’ll come up with a challenge that I can document, or just daily life, which is something that I always try to make interesting.

I’ll try to post them at 8am everyday, I’ll also still be posting collaborations with my friends, hopefully I can get some more of those up soon!




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