Something you should know


Juliet Sulejmani | November, 17 2015


Ok, so seeing it is now Spring and sooner than you know, it will be Summer. I thought it was time we talked about picnics.

Picnics are those things dreams are made of. When we think of a picnic we think in rose coloured glasses. We see blue skies, green grass and happy times. However, anyone who has been on a picnic (please note, this applies to you even if you’re just sitting and/or reading in a nice open green area) knows that things aren’t always so peachy. Which is why I have a list for you.

Things no-one tells you about picnics.

  • You NEED a blanket (your experience will be much more pleasant with one, grass can be itchy.)
  • Close your drink, don’t leave it open. This also applies to food. The main reason is birds. The birds will poo, and the poo could land in your drink or on your food. (This is not desirable.)
  • Have wet wipes with you. This is necessary in case of above mentioned poo-ing, however not for the food, but for you. The birds can/will poo on you. It’s not lucky if they do, it’s very unfortunate.
  • As soon as you sit down all the bugs and ants and crawly things will come out.

That’s the end of the list so far.

I made this list because last Summer when I was being all one with nature and spending time in the sun reading, I didn’t know about these things and was not prepared. Now I know better and so do you.


[ Credits: Words and Illustration by me. ]


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