The School of Life

2015.11.14_blog_007Juliet Sulejmani | November, 19 2015

2015.11.19_the school of life

Last night I went to my first class at The School of Life.

The School of Life was founded in London in 2008 by one of my favourite philosophers, Alain de Botton.The School of Life offers a range of classes, courses, workshops, retreats, sermons, intensives and therapies on  a wide range of topics, specifically focussing on emotional intelligence through culture.

I attended a class last night with my friend Tamie, called ‘What is Philosophy For’.

Here are 7 things I learnt.

  1. The meaning of the word Philosophy is ‘lovers of wisdom’.
  2. A definition of philosophy is: a pursuit of living wisely.
  3. Socrates (Classical Greek Philosopher 470-370BC) was the teacher of Plato (Classical Greek Philosopher and Mathematician 428-328BC) and is known for ‘The Socratic Method’: going around and asking people difficult questions to question their common sense. He was actually put to death for asking too many questions.
  4. Epicurus (Ancient Greek Philosopher 341-270BC) devoted himself to making people happy. According to Epicurus there were three keys to happiness;2015.11.19_happiness
  5. Epicurus also believed that the key to happiness is simplicity.
  6. Seneca (Roman Stoic Philosopher 4BC-65AD) thought it was necessary to have low expectations so that we won’t have the opportunity for disappointment.
  7. Friedrich Nietzsche (German Philosopher, Poet, Composer 1844-1900) believed that we should embrace our envy because envy makes you want to be your true self.




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