So many products!


Juliet Sulejmani | December, 28 2015



Firstly, I just want to own up to not continuing my daily blogging. I stopped because I thought I was getting boring, I felt like I was just writing something and it wasn’t the best that I could do. I have however realised that, like Nike says, I just need to do it, JUST DO IT. So I’ll do it. Lol.

The other day I had some time to spend with myself, and thought I’d have a pamper sesh. So I had a nice bath, put on a mask, then put on moisturiser, then body moisturiser, then lip moisturiser and then hand cream and then I stopped. I looked down at all the products I had just used on myself and took a photo of four of them.

In the photo you can see:

1: Everyday Face Moisturiser by Frank Body

2: Aesop Body Balm

3: L’Occitane Hand Cream, and

4: Lips by Go-To

To be honest with you I was slightly overwhelmed and shocked can I say shocked, seems kind of strong, at the amount of products required daily if you can actually be bothered to make yourself nice and smooth. And by the way, I’m not going into the fact that most of these products I’m using are not 100% natural.

Is it just me or is it crazy? Who has time to use all these products everyday? If you had a full time job, full time family, a house to manage, cooking, cleaning, life, people etc. I guess that’s why some brands have 2in1 products or 3in1 or whatever.

Anyway, I’d love to know how many products you use daily, or what your skincare routine is like. I’m going to keep exploring skincare and products and I’ll post my journey here. Who knows, I might even blog daily again.




[Credits: Words and Photography by me]


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