Skin Toner


Juliet Sulejmani | January, 02 2016

Following on from my previous post on skin care, even though I complained about having to use so many products, I went out and bought another product. Toner.

I want to take better care of my skin and something that has been bothering me are my open craters pores. I didn’t know why I had open pores and didn’t know what caused them so I googled it, and basically they’re open because they’re clogged. Eww. I wear make up everyday and was only using face wash and sometimes exfoliating, but that wasn’t enough to clean my skin properly.

I did more googling and apparently Toner is required after cleansing skin to remove any left over residue help to unclog pores, it also helps with skin balance and skin tone.

I went to Aesop, because that’s where I seem to go for skin care, I really like their products, and like that they specialise in skincare so I feel like I’m getting good stuff.

Anyway I’ve been using the toner day and night, after cleansing for a week, and my skin has definitely improved. Pores are less craterish, woo, and my skin feels super soft, which I’m really loving.

I got those two samples pictured above from Aesop and tried them out. One’s a cleanser and the other is a serum. I don’t really know much about serums…



[Credits: Words and Photography by me]



2 thoughts

    1. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but i feel like it does what it’s supposed to. I’m quite happy with it. I love Aesop! I have a few things from them; hair treatment, clay mask, body lotion…so good!


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