David Bowie


Gracie Crowley | January, 12 2016

Just two days after his 69th birthday David Bowie passed away. In turn, our world lost an icon. A totally unique artist who was the first of his kind, with a burning urge to be “something more than human.”

It is an impossible task to try to communicate the meaning David Bowie holds within the hearts of his millions of fans. Yet for myself – David Bowie will always be the Goblin King, dancing around his magical kingdom. He will be those 6 hour long car rides home mending a broken heart. His voice has been the soundtrack to both best and worst times of my short life, and he will always be that record I can put on, and suddenly not feel so strange and alone in this scary world.

His time here on this Earth may have ended but his legacy remains eternal. I like to think Bowie has simply moved into another realm of magic, greeted by a Starman who’s been waiting in the sky for him all these years. But right now, it’s okay to shed some tears. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

[Credits: Words by Gracie Crowley and Illustration by me]


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