How to make homemade coffee scrubs

Mel Howard | February, 12 2016

Little Things That Make My Life Easier-Part 2

Homemade coffee scrubs aka lickable skin.

I definitely jumped on the bandwagon when Frank body took over Instagram. I still enjoy his punny quip captions under pics of babes of all shapes and levels of cheekiness, covered in coffee with gigantic smiles plastered on their faces.

I love their product! It makes me smell like a jaffa and leaves me with skin like soft supple rose petals (as opposed to hard, dried up ones).

However, being a barista I have unlimited access to my own exceptional (see Sydney based coffee company Mecca) wet coffee grind that otherwise sadly goes in the bin.

To make the most of this joyous coincidence I have concocted the following recipe*.

  1. In a large glass jar (I’m a fan of jars) mix half a cup of oil -jojoba, grapeseed, nut, olive, vitamin E, rosehip if you’re a millionaire, anything really. I’m yet to try coconut but it’s next on my bodycare-crafternoon list- with a quarter cup of Epsom salts, a quarter cup of raw sugar (or just a half cup of something coarse-ish), with about 5 drops of an essential oil of your choice. I like peppermint, orange, rose, sandalwood, lemon, lavender, but make sure you marry your scent with the base oil you’ve used, lemon can sometimes be tricky.
  2. Pop the lid on and shake till your heart’s content.
  3. Pop in 6-8oz (about a regular take away cup) of wet coffee grind from your local caffeine dealership and mix together.
  4. Pop on the kettle, make yourself a French press and sort out your Netflix choice, cause we all know a coffee scrub turns into a two ep regime.

[Good time for egg and olive oil hair mask application]

Make sure the coffee and oil mixture are combined properly otherwise you can get some funky mould growing in your precious scrubs.

Store in an airtight jar and use liberally.

Warning: these scrubs may make strangers attempt to eat you in the street.

I’ve yet to try any optionals in my scrubs because I’m more than happy with the simple mixes so far but I’ve been told to try adding amounts of ground cacao, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, anything that sounds like it might be good in a Christmas cookie to ramp up the #scrublyf luxury factor.

*whenever I reference a ‘recipe’, I’m almost always guessing measures and the alike. When following anything I guide, unless strictly stipulated, as Danny Zuko would say, feeeelll your way.

[Credits: Words by Mel Howard and Illustration by Juliet Sulejmani]

*Girl pictured wearing Mel’s homemade coffee scrub and lace bralette from Love Stories Intimates*




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