Getting fit in Melbourne

Juliet Sulejmani | March, 02 2016

In an attempt to get fit and lose some extra kilos that have been bothering me for a while now, I’ve decided to set a new fitness challenge/mission for myself.

To make things interesting an not boring, I’m going to be exercising my way around Melbourne. I’m going to do as many different classes in as many different studios and gyms that I can get to.

I must firstly give a disclaimer, I am not a fitness professional, and I am not fit, but hopefully by the end of this challenge which there is no end date, I’ll just keep exercising for ever, hopefully, I will be super fit and I will hopefully have mastered all those tricky yoga techniques.

So, follow me here on my journey to fitness. I will give a review of each class that I do and each studio/gym and hopefully I can inspire you to try something new and if you’re unfit like me, we can get fit together.

Suggestions and tips are very welcome.



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