Matt Corby – Telluric 

by Gracie Crowley | March, 12 2016

It’s strange to think that Telluric is Matt Corby’s first actually album, and at last he has finally graced us all with its release. After the handful of EP’s he’s released since Song For… in 2009 and the two hit singles Brother (2012) and Resolution (2013) that dominated the Australian charts, Corby feels like a regular on our stations and playlists. 

There are however, well-publicized reasons for this. In 2013 he scrapped a whole album, as he believed it wasn’t good enough. It’s interesting to note that those two hit songs Brother and Resolution that charted oh so well did not actually make it onto the album. To be totally honest I believe it’s lucky he didn’t scrap Telluric as well, it seems that his expectations of himself and his music are sky high, but for our sake I am very glad he didn’t scrap this one.

I myself was lucky enough to hear most of the new album at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne last year, and this morning woke up to my pre-ordered purchase of it. One thing that is interesting to note about the timing of his release, is that it is released on the same day that Jeff Buckley’s You and I is, Jeff himself is one of Corby’s self proclaimed idols. 

However you need only to listen to Telluric, and in particular the track Good To Be Alone to draw similar comparisons between the two artists. Corby seems to have adopted a few of Jeff’s trademarks – my favourite being the angelic language used. However it is not in any way the same kind of album, merely snippets of Buckley’s style can be sensed. What I noticed more was the elements of a sort of, mild psychedelia that mixed in only too well with the small element of folk and the enormous presence of rhythm and blues that truly makes this Corby’s own, uniquely stunning album. 

Some reviews have claimed that the best thing about the album is Corby’s voice alone, of which I whole-heartedly agree, though yet at times feels a little cold and distant, which is where I disagree strongly. 

I have always personally thought that as the listener you take from an album what you emotionally attach to. Due to this, no single person will listen to the same album in the same way as any other – so do yourself a favour and listen for yourself before jumping to any conclusions.

The lyrics that Corby has created are beautiful. In my opinion, good lyrics are hard to come by in music nowadays – yet this album delivers a variety of beautifully articulated lyrics that address a vast variety of Corby’s opinions about the music industry, his own life and the state of our world. 

In conclusion, I adore this album. Not because it is from the Matt Corby who released those hit singles a few years back, but because this album has been a journey and in turn takes you on one as you listen. Individually you take away a small and different message and feeling from each song, of which the lyrics are near perfect. This is what makes this an all round excellent first album. We have been able to hear snippets of Corby over the years, clearly trying different things and figuring out who he is as an artist. Telluric is a great first album to lay the way in what hopefully will be a long career for Corby, who I cannot wait to see only grow further as an artist. 

I leave Matt Corby’s Telluric with a 4 and 1/2 stars and highly recommend you take the time to listen. 

Top five picks: 

  • Empire’s Attraction
  • Good To Be Alone
  • Smooth Lady Wine
  • Belly Side Up
  • We Could Be Friends



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