Jeff Buckley – You and I

by Gracie Crowley | March, 15 2016

First and foremost I warn that I am one of those Jeff Buckley fans that will fight to the ends of the Earth that Jeff Buckley is one of the most incredible musicians of the last 50 years. He is my self proclaimed and preached favourite from a very young age, and I will openly admit he can do no wrong in my eyes.

That being said, I have been eagerly awaiting ‘You and I’ ever since it’s announcement. I pre-ordered my record three months ago and have been twiddling my thumbs waiting for its release. HOWEVER, it is not because I believe this album will rival that of his one and only studio album ‘Grace’ or it will somehow triumph the ‘Live in Sine’ recordings. For myself this is so eagerly awaited because it is a small slice of Jeff that has been put together and released for us fans, so that we can hear more of a musician who’s life was cut short so early – whose pure talent and endless potential was never able to have been reached.

You and I for those of you who don’t know, or are just not familiar with, is a collection of previously unreleased versions of Jeff’s original songs, and a collection of covers. There is in fact only one new track on this album which is ‘Dream of You and I’, yet is is not a conventional song. It is Jeff, very softly spoken describing a dream of his – keep in mind this is admittedly unfinished – obviously because of his passing in 1997.

There will be people who hate this album, because it is not the polished, angelic Jeff Buckley we know from ‘Grace’ or the various live recordings we have of him. This is Jeff in his early stages, playing around and forming ideas. Which as a fan, I want to hear. Not because I think it is incredible or great, of course it isn’t, because he never had the chance to finish these. He himself did not have the chance to pick these to be released.

Yet as a fan, who honestly just wants to hear more, who would probably listen to recording of Jeff reciting his grocery lists, or singing the ABC’s and would more than happily listening to recordings of him talking about the weather, I appreciate this album for what it is, not what the world and musical community want it to be. It is a small piece of Jeff that we are able to listen to. To sit and imagine what could have been if he hadn’t passed too soon. I find pleasure within this album by listening to covers of bands Jeff admired, listening to him cover his idols and favourites, as people nowadays cover him.

I will not rate this album for these reasons. I advise that if you love Jeff Buckley, and you appreciate him as an artist, listen and you will love it because you will understand every single thing that I have just said.If you do not and if you are unfamiliar with Jeff Buckley as an artist, I would still encourage you to listen yet I would not be surprised if you did not like it, appreciate it or understand the meaning this may have to fans of Buckley. In which case, pop ‘Grace’ on and enjoy my all time favourite album, enjoy the angelic vocals, the lyrics that leave you speechless and enjoy the journey that is falling in love with Jeff Buckley. Then perhaps, you can listen to You and I, and you then may understand the opinion I have just expressed.


2 thoughts

  1. I loved the beginning of what he had with “dream of you and i” do you think someone will try and finish the song the way he described?

    1. I’m really not sure, I think it would be beautiful if somebody did. It has a lot of potential. Yet at the same time I’m not sure if I’d love it enough if it weren’t for Jeff’s magical voice!
      – Gracie x

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