Unexpected Intrusions of Beauty

A Story by Baz Ozturk | March, 18 2016

I was waiting for you. You were running late, stuck in traffic, and I was waiting sitting on the bench near the restaurant where we’d agreed to meet for dinner. After a while when you still hadn’t shown up I decided to take a stroll around the centre and that’s when I came upon the stand in the middle of old unsold books. They weren’t the types of books I like to read, they were mostly popular romance novels and cookbooks and calendars, though they did have Silas Marner and some novel by Jerome K. Jerome. I picked up a few here and there and flipped through them, and then I picked one up and flipped through it and found lodged in the middle pages a small envelope with For You!! written on it. Suddenly I could feel my heart beat in my chest. I had a quick moral decision to make. I didn’t know if I had to buy the book it was in before I could claim the envelope rightfully belonged to me, but then I concluded that since it was marked For You, as in me, it was clearly addressed to no one else and so I slipped it inside my jacket pocket and pretended to look at some other books before I slinked away.
When my friend got there not long after, we walked into the restaurant and seated ourselves at a table and got to chattering about nonsense. An hour later, our dinner eaten and drinking coffee, the envelope in my pocket I’d forgotten all about suddenly occurred to me.
“Guess what I found in one of the books I was looking through,” I said.
“What,” you said.
I took the envelope out and showed it to you. You made a grab for it but I snatched it back.
“Oh my God,” you said.
“I haven’t opened it yet. I thought we could do it together,” I said.
“Oh my God,” you said.
“I know,” I said.
“Open it and read it out loud,” you said.
I opened it and inside was a handwritten note on small lined paper.
I read:

It is fate that you received this note
& I am writing so you know:
you are something new in this world, 
you have a strength inside you that
can conquer any troubles life
challenges you with, you have a 
heart big enough to appreciate all 
of life’s beauties, you have a soul so
free that nothing in life can hold you
down, you have the power to do
good each & every day of your life, 
and I believe in you!! I wish you
what every life truly deserves…

Happiness & Peace


I looked at you and you looked at me.
“Wow,” you said.
“This is incredible,” I said.
I took the note and put it back in the envelope and slid the envelope back in my jacket pocket.
“You should write this into a story,” you said.
“This is the story,” I said.




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