Why I still, and will continue to, buy Records

Gracie Crowley| April 05, 2016

My record collection is one of my most prized possessions. One that lately I find myself adding more to. I have noticed both a lot of support and criticism for the individuals who still buy and listen to records. I’ve heard praises from “that’s so cool” to “you’ll be able to keep them forever!”, to criticisms such as “you wanna-be hipster” to “you listen to all those songs on Spotify why do you need to spend even more money?”

Both online and offline it is something I’ve become more aware of. Sure, some individuals have records because they consider it trendy, and that’s fine because who the hell cares what others do with their time and money, get a life people. Some others have records because they’ve inherited them. And some like myself have them due to inheritance and also a specific love for the sound of a record.

People can say what they want about this, because it seems every man and his dog is an expert on the psychological motives behind why people do what they do nowadays. However my collection means more to me than I could possibly ever describe with words, I inherited most of it from a very dear friend, which is why I treat them as if made out of gold. However I continue to buy them for the same reasons my parents bought them in the 70’s, for the same reason my dear friend did – they are a little physical slice of music I can hold for my life, and one day pass on. Also, the sound is different, and if you do not believe me then you have never listened to Zeppelins ‘Physical Graffiti’ on vinyl before. I feel as if whenever I put any of my favourite albums on, the artist is there in the room with me; which is a feeling I never want to give up.

A little fact to keep in mind now is that vinyl records just had their biggest year (2015) in sales since 1988. So it is not a minority of people buying and collecting records nowadays.

So whether it be an afternoon with friends listening to any of them, or a night where I’m one bottle of red wine deep after a rather shit day, I feel comfort. I have never felt like I have ever wasted a cent on a record. To be totally honest, I’d prefer the company of my records to the company of humans any day. Especially those who would mock something that myself and countless others spend time and money on finding and collecting.


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