‘NEW’ Earl Canteen Wholebowl – FOOD

Juliet Sulejmani | February 22, 2017

Earl Canteen, now with 6 stores in Melbourne’s CBD, has become a lunch time favourite amongst us foodies.

Earl Canteen are well known for their fresh fancy sandwiches, which are prepared daily using the best produce available. The sandwiches are not only delicious but are sure to keep you going for the rest of the day.

Not only can you expect good food from Earl, you can also look forward to updated recipes as Jackie, Earl’s Head Food Nerd says “EARL has always been about innovation”. And we’ve seen this through the evolution of their sandwich fillings, their ongoing use of restaurant quality food and alternative choices of snacks, for instance their additions of new cookie flavours (my personal favourites are the muesli cookie and choc-chip cookie).

The latest Earl update is the ‘Wholebowl’, an alternative to the trusted and loved fancy sandwich, which instead of having the sandwich bread, your fillings lie on top of a bed of the GSV (Grain, Seed and Veg) mix which is made up of: Brown rice, Quinoa and Cauliflower.

The wholebowl options include:

The Pork Belly: crisp skin free-range pork belly, apple, fennel coleslaw, wilted silver beet

Chicken & Hummus: Roast free-range chicken, hazelnut hummus & dukkah, edamame, jalepeno, kale

Meatballs: BBQ glazed beef meatballs, caramelised onion, baby spinach, sweet corn & red pepper pickle

Harissa Lamb: Slow cooked harissa rubbed lamb, quince, hung yoghurt, green beans, almonds

Ratatouille & Burrata: Chunky ratatouille vegetables, local fiore di burrata, lots of herbs

My friends and I have already tried out the Ratatoille & Burrata, Chicken & Hummus and The Pork Belly Wholebowl’s and can say that they are not only delicious, but also quite filling.

The wholebowl’s are a much healthier option, you can still enjoy the great taste and ingredients of the sandwiches but feel less guilty, especially if you choose to also order a side of Earl’s famous Crisp fried potato gems with rosemary salt to go with it.

Link to Earl Canteen’s Website


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