Secrets Organic Box – FOOD & BEAUTY

secrets organic box_snacks

Juliet Sulejmani| March 29, 2016

I think we will start off this one with a series of questions.

Q1] Do you love trying new things?
Q2] Are you always on the hunt for the latest products?
Q3] Would you like to buy more organic?
Q4] Do you love getting mail?
Q5] Do you love presents?
Q6] Do you love discounts?

Yes? Yes? Yes? Yes? Yes?

Well great, me too, so keep reading!

Secrets Organic Box is actually the first subscription box I have ever received and it was fun. It offers you a sampling of 4-5 food/home/beauty organic products that are selected by the Secrets Organic Box team, and can cost about $20-$30 per box. You can choose to buy one box, or you can choose to have an ongoing subscription and if you feel like being nice, you can also gift it to someone you like.

If like me, you also answered yes to those questions above, you, like me, will love Secrets Organic Box, and…drumroll please… if you do want to try it, they have kindly given all Juliet Report readers a special discount code! Enter: JULIET at the check out to get 5 bucks off your first box.

Here’s what was in the February box:

secrets organic box_snacks

  1. Thomas Chipman Ancient Grains Corn Chips (Rice.Chia.Quinoa.Flax Seed)
  2. Whole Kids Organic Rice Crackers – Tamari (These were my favourite item!)
  3. Tea Tonic Dark Chocolate & Black Tea (1 teabag sampler)

secrets organic box_beauty

4. JO Naturalove USDA Organic Personal Lubricant
5. Alitura Clay Mask – Facial Mask Treatment
6. Coconut Tree – Organic Coconut Body Balm

I like that the box offers a mix of beauty and food, and it was great because I’d never tried or seen any of these products before. If you’d like to try it out don’t forget to use my promo code: JULIET at Secrets Organic Box.


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