Secrets Organic April Box

organic secrets_april box_

Juliet Sulejmani | May 8, 2017

There’s honestly nothing better when you’re locked up in your studio (or office) busy working your cute butt off and then the mail arrives. Especially when said mail includes a box filled with snacks and great new beauty products to try.

This is the second Secrets Organic Box I’ve received, and it was just as good as the first box. I’m loving discovering these awesome organic brands and products that I wouldn’t otherwise know about.

The popcorn was gobbled up pretty quickly here at The Juliet Report HQ. It was our first time trying Honest Pop’s Organic Popcorn and each popped kernel was perfect, and delicious and I think they will become a staple studio snack cupboard item.

Here’s what was in the April Box:

organic secrets_april box__

  1. Honest Pop Organic Buttery Sea Salt Popcorn 20g
  2. Honest Pop Organic Delicately Salted Popcorn 20g

organic secrets_april box___

3. Rustic Peppermint, Pink Lavender Mask 10g
4. Impakt Organic Skincare, Under-Eye Serum & Facial Toning Oil
5. Akar Skin, Ruby Tint Lip Butter


To find out more or to subscribe a box yourself click here:


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