Pen, Paper & Prosecco at The Larwill Studio

Juliet Sulejmani | November 16, 2016

Pen, Paper & Prosecco is a workshop I will be guiding at The Larwill Studio in Parkville.

You will enjoy an afternoon of discovering your inner creative with this beauty themed illustration workshop. The workshop will give you a glimpse into my creative process as well has showing you how to see objects through a different perspective.

You will also learn various illustration exercises and techniques with a focus on taking inspiration from the everyday.

The workshop includes:

  • Glass of Brown Brothers Prosecco on arrival
  • Post workshop catering from Smith + Singleton
  • A frame to hold your illustration
  • A token gift from me.

You will need to bring:

  • Pens/pencils/paints/markers – various mediums will be supplied: however bring along any specific mediums you would prefer to use
  • A range of beauty items will be supplied for your illustrations: however please bring along anything you would like to use to illustrate (objects/images etc)

When: Saturday 26th November, 2-4pm
Where: The Larwill Studio, Parkville

Buy your tickets HERE so you don’t miss out as tickets are limited!


The Schaller Studio x Toni Maticevski

Juliet Sulejmani | October 06, 2016

Corner of Lucan and Bayne Street, VIC 3550
Website: Click HERE
Phone: 1800 278 468


As I was packing my overnight bag and thinking about going to Bendigo the next day, the wildest idea popped into my mind. I wondered, would it be possible to get to Bendigo via helicopter?

After a quick google search, being placed on hold to then be disconnected, and then calling a different number and speaking to a nice person, I found out yes, yes you can.

What would normally be either a two hour car ride, or a two-ish hour train ride, or a nine hour bike ride from Melbourne to Bendigo, a helicopter ride would take you only 50 minutes. Amazing! That is, until I found out it would cost the price of an airplane ticket to *insert dream holiday destination here* $2900 for upto 3 people return in case you were wondering. So car ride it was.


I arrived at The Schaller Studio and was very happy to very conveniently pass by The Pantry (the cafe in the hotel) and order a latte just before checking in. I then made my way to my room which was on the third floor and was welcomed by a very seductive bottle of red wine.

If you’ve been to an Art Series Hotel before you will know the feeling of being in one of their hotels. Everywhere you turn, you are delighted by the artwork that surrounds you. The Schaller Studio is inspired by the highly respected Melbourne based Artist Mark Schaller who, as you will see if you visit the hotel, uses not only painting but also sculpture and ceramics to express his ideas. And unlike the other Art Series Hotels, the art works you see are all originals and for sale.


The Schaller Studio, as the name suggests, has been designed and styled to give you the feel of actually being in Mark Schaller’s own studio. Even though I myself am an illustrator and have my own studio where I work from, I found The Schaller super inspiring and it just made me want to create.

Throughout the hotel you will find little bits here and there that will delight you, such as some of the ephemera (illustrated above) which I found displayed in the form of a mood board. Even the ‘do not disturb’ sign, which here, actually says ‘Artist At Work’ and on the flip side says ‘Out Gathering Inspiration’, really (even though as stated previously, I am an illustrator) makes you feel like an artist, so I can only imagine how special and inspired people who aren’t illustrators/artists might feel.2016-10-06_beauty

I am not ashamed to admit it, I am a sucker for mini hotel toiletries. These EVO ones that I found in The Schaller Studio bathroom have to be my favourite ones, mainly because of the clever copy on the packaging but also for the thoughtfulness of them. I opened the box labeled ‘rain helmet’ literally LOL’ing as I type rain helmet to not only find a shower cap but a hair tie as well, which was rad because I had forgotten mine. Thoughtful.

Also not illustrated above, was a box labelled ‘final touch-vanity kit’ with copy on the back saying: ‘this box contains all the bits and bobs that can make or break an appointment: something to remove the remains of the day, something to fix that shirt and even a file to get you out of prison…take charge of your destiny….use it. directions: do it, get it done, use the kit and notice the results.’ Excellent!

2016-10-06_maticevski-exhibitionBENDIGO ART GALLERY
42 View Street, Bendigo, VIC 3550
Website: Click HERE
Phone: (+61 3) 5434 6088

Included in the Schaller Stay and See Toni Maticevski Package is also a ticket to the ‘Maticevski: Dark Wonderland’ exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

It was my second time visiting the exhibition and enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time. Toni Maticevski’s work is incredible, even more impressive is the fact that he still creates at least 90% of his samples, which means that he has hand created almost all the pieces that you will see in the exhibition. If you’re at all familiar with the fashion industry you will appreciate how rare it is these days for a designer to be involved in the whole process from ideation to creation.

Included in the exhibition are not only fashion pieces but also a curation of Toni Maticevski’s sketchbooks, accessories and also props used in original runway shows.


I asked the lovely Amy who is the hotel manager and big fan of Bendigo for suggestions on where to eat and these are some of her reccomendations:

Rocks on Rosalind: a wine, cocktail bar and restaurant with an underground drinking space that used to be a bank vault.

Harvest Rotisserie and Patisserie: Cafe by day, wine bar on weekends, with a Michelin star trained pastry chef who is making two day process pure butter croissants.For croissants, slow cooked regional meats.

Percy & Percy: Cafe that will make you feel like you’re in Melbourne, great breakfast and lunch using local produce.

Masons of Bendigo: All day eatery, wine bar and pantry store. Awarded One Hat from The Age Good Food Guide 2017, serving craft food, wine and beer.


The Juliet Report : STYLE

Britt Doherty | October 05, 2016




Sir the Label / Alek Midi Dress in Olive
Zimmerman / printed slipper
Maurie & Eve / Amber Sceats Cole Choker
Zimmermann / Frayed Edge Straw Hat

Credit: Styling, Britt Doherty and Illustrations, Juliet Sulejmani.


GONZO – Malthouse Theatre

Juliet Sulejmani | September 30, 2016

These days, as long as you have an internet connection, everything that exists in the world is right at your fingertips – whether you’re ready for what you’ll find or not.

Gonzo, a theatre show directed by Clare Watson, brings forward a discussion about a very popular internet search: porn. The show looks into all the aspects of porn online, with a focus specifically on how it affects teenage boys and how they are engaging with it.

Because of the sensitivity and lack of discourse around this topic, there is a lack of education in place to help these curious teenagers understand this digital world they’re living in.

The performance in Gonzo also makes it clear to the audience that most teens are informed enough to be aware of what they are doing and are able to ask the right questions concerning their behaviour.

Extensive research was conducted in the form of interviews, surveys and focus groups with over 700 teen boys participating, to find out what they know about the porn industry. All the information has been transformed into a humorous, witty and clever performance by four performers; Sol Rumble, Ari Long, Sam Salem and Jack Palit.

The show has been made to feel really relaxed and like the boys are not acting but just having a chat with each other onstage. In their chats they cover topics from working life as a teenager, to how to eat bananas properly, to Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, to how there are “heaps of Vegan’s walking around these days”, to how weird it is that animals always walk around naked, and how weird hairless cats are, but are the perfect pet for people who are allergic to cats while continuously coming back to porn and their thoughts and experiences.

Gonzo will have you laughing the whole way through, it his very relatable and will also make you think about the issues arising from this easy access we all have to porn and how it affects our lives.

Gonzo ends on October 1st, and at this time there are only tickets available for their 3:30pm session.

Click HERE if you’re interested!


The Juliet Report : STYLE

Britt Doherty | September 28, 2016

100% COOL is in town


BootsRM Williams: Classic Turnout / Black

JeansBassike: lo slung jean / Light vintage

BraLonely: Gigi soft cup bra / black

Shirt Cos: striped pyjama shirt / sky blue

SunglassesLe specs: OTTOMAN / gold

Hetty McKinnon – Neighbourhood Cookbook

Juliet Sulejmani | September 26, 2016

The idea of having a salad as your main meal was unheard of, especially in the time when most peoples idea of a salad was iceberg lettuce and tomatoes with store bought dressing. That is, until in 2011, when Hetty McKinnon started ‘Arthur Street Kitchen.’

Hetty believed that there was room in the market for her plant based salads that would be healthy, filling and also comforting. Hetty began by delivering out postcards in her local area, and before she knew it her salads were selling out. Hetty says that the most rewarding part of her business was when she hand delivered the salads herself by bike, “The food almost came secondary to that connection that I was receiving from the person. It was so special, people valued it so much”.

Arthur Street Kitchen wasn’t just about just making and dropping off the salads, it was about making new friends, sharing stories, talking about food and connecting.

In 2013, Pan MacMillan published Hetty’s first Cook Book: Community, which has been wildly successful and has given people a new, wonderful way to think about and make delicous, hearty salads.

Since then, Hetty has spent some time in Europe and USA and now lives in Brooklyn with her family. Hetty’s travels have exposed her to a wide range of new influences, foods and techniques, which she has translated into new recipes, in her new CookBook “Neighbourhood“.

Neighbourhood not only includes more delicious salads, but also, a range of desserts that have been generously shared by Hetty’s friends.


To give you some more insight into the wonderful insight into the wonderful Hetty McKinnon, I had the pleasure of asking her some questions while she was here in Australia.


What is your favourite salad ingredient and why do you love it?
My fave salad ingredient to work with is probably broccoli. I love it’s accessibility. It is a very humble vegetable, without any fussiness.
But, with a little bit of love, you can turn a humble vegetable like broccoli into something quite spectacular. Chargrilling broccoli on the BBQ is a life altering experience. It’s changes your whole perception of the vegetable adding an unexpected depth of flavour.

Is there a brunch spot/café/restaurant in Brooklyn that you love and frequent often?
I really love a local joint called Court Street Grocers. It is right around the corner from my house,  and is my go-to for strong black coffee, a delicious broccoli rabe reuben sandwich and the best grilled cheese. They are a great example of a neighbourhood spot that serves locals well, while being very good at their food focus (sandwiches!).

Do you love to read? If yes, can you please share a book that you love, or a book that you would give as a gift?
I do love to read. But it is just about finding the time. Reading is actually a real luxury to me so if I’m going to invest, it has to be quality. Over the last year, I’ve really read some wonderful works. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara was just heartbreaking and absolutely compelling. Yes, it was sad, and depressing at times, but her writing simply blew me away, page after page. She has a way of telling a deeply sad story with hope. There was always some element of light amongst the darkness. I just loved it. I’m also a big fan of young adult fiction and I’m in absolute love with Jandy Nelson’s two books I’ll Give You The Sun and The Sky is Everywhere. There is something so nostalgic and hopeful about reading about late teens navigating through life and love.

What words do you live by (motto), or inspirational words that you can share that you to inspire others? (Mine is one by Andy Warhol, “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.)
The quote which I live by and which I espouse to my children relentlessly is,

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” Spoken by Atticus Finch, in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

But lately, the quote that inspires me personally is

“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” By Randy Komisar, The Monk & The Riddle: The Education of a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur.

If you could have the day off today, what is the first thing you would do?
Probably go for a late breakfast at Two Hands Café in TriBeCa (where I will eat their superb brassica bowl,) and then go for a long walk through the gorgeous streets of lower manhattan. And probably end in the Meatpacking District at the Whitney Museum.

Do you have a side hobby? If you weren’t making salads what would you be doing?
I’m a pretty good knitter so I think I could make home crafts like beanies, socks and tea cosies and have an Etsy store! I also love photography and even though it has become a small part of my job, I just have so much joy when I have a camera in my hand.

What do you like to listen to while cooking? Do you have a favourite song? A podcast you could recommend?
I either listen to playlists which I’ve put together – these are pretty eclectic and can range from retro eighties music or very new indie/folksy stuff. But podcasts, particularly foodie ones, are probably my favourite – I listen to The Food Seen, The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry, Monocle’s The Menu, and This American Life.