Easy Peasy Manicure


Juliet Sulejmani | November, 25 2015

Giving yourself a super luxe manicure is not as hard as you might think. This is actually all you need:

  1. Tape. I use MT tape, it’s super easy to peel off once it’s done it’s job.
  2. Base coat, Top coat sometimes I forget to put on the base coat.
  3. Your choice of nail polish. In this video I used Chanel 555 Blue Boy.

This is my take on a French Manicure, it  takes me no more than 10 minutes to apply and looks super fab. I usually always paint them this way and just change the colour.

Let me know if you try it and how it goes!


10 Things To Learn


Juliet Sulejmani | November, 22 20152015.11.22_learning


Upon first opening Austin Kleon’s new book ‘The Steal Like an Artist Journal – A Notebook For Creative Kleptomaniacs’, I almost had an existential crisis.

The first prompt was ’10 Things I want to Learn’. I couldn’t think of anything, then I freaked out, closed the book and moved on. Until last night, when I decided to be brave and actually face my fears. I thought about it first, and then looked up these sites for some inspo:

And then came up with this list for now:

  1. How to live better
  2. A new language (French)
  3. How to Poach an Egg
  4. Juggling
  5. Ride a Skateboard
  6. Draw better
  7. Learn to Code
  8. CPR
  9. Learn Poetry
  10. To meditate on my own

What are 10 Things that you want to learn?


[ Credits: Words and Photography by me. ]




I forgot to post this last night. Oops.


On Friday’s I have design class. We were looking at darts. We needed to find a picture of a garment with interesting darts and then re-create that on our mini mannequin.  This was the first one I did in tissue because I couldn’t find paper and then I did another with paper and you can see that one on my instagram.


It’s quite fun actually.


We’re looking at darts because my design brief states that my two dresses that I need to make must include dart manipulation.


Hey, I’m back. I wasn’t planning on being back so quickly but I just couldn’t stay away.

I just took these photos. The first one is some illustrations I’ve been doing with watercolor and the DVD’s I’ve been obsessed with. “The Day Before – Loic Prigent”. They’re so good. It’s basically the 36 hours before a fashion show for particular designers. I think I’ve almost watched them all.

The second photo is some beautiful fabrics I bought at “The Fabric Store”.

And the third is the new Gorman a/w 13 look book. I like Gorman’s prints, they also have really comfortable shoes. My faves from the lookbook are the; Ellie malin + gorman collage landscape pant and the unique new york dress.


2456 2457 2458

fabric rendering



hi. yesterday i pretty much worked on my folio all day. i thought i’d try some fabric rendering because i hadn’t done it in a while. i used markers and watercolors. I hadn’t used watercolor before, so i was kind of guessing about what to do next. it was actually a lot of fun and i’m happy with how they turned out.

i did this hourly photo diary, so at each hour i took a photo of what i was doing. hope you like this.

i had one song on repeat the whole day. new day by jay z and kanye best. ( i know kanye’s name is west but i like best best😉 )


peace out friends x

11 am


12 pm



2 pm


3 pm


4 pm