I know I posted this on Instagram, and you can totally see it in the instagram feed to your right, but I really like how it looks and the other photos i took weren’t that exciting.

It is me sitting at Brunetti’s with my latte and home packed fruit container. I bought a whole stack of fruits yesterday because I realised I hadn’t really bought much fruit in recent days…weeks…

In the photo I’ve got some grapefruit and blueberries. So delicious and healthy.

saturday tradition

As I was thinking about my words for this post I came to a realisation… maybe the three extra kilos I’ve stacked on are a result of my Saturday tradition? I think I will just ignore this idea and maybe just do an extra half an hour exercise each week. Yes I think this is what I will do.

My Saturday tradition involves me walking down to Movida Bakery either on my own or with one of my friends, ordering a skinny latte and an amazing donut, I usually go for berry flavoured filling, or salted caramel. This Saturdays however I specifically went to sample something new; Movida Bakery’s “Dossant”.

Before I explain it to you here are some other names that were considered for this new pastry:

Cronut, Croisnut, Crodough, Doghnets, MoDo and DoVida.

It is a donut-croissant! The idea came from someone in New York called Dominique Ansel and MoVida have adapted it to their own. Mine pictured below is filled with, i think, raspberry and rhubarb custard. Delicious. And this is another reason why Saturday tradition must go on.





3 Tivoli Road

South Yarra

MoVida Bakery on Urbanspoon

Gardiner and Field

What i love most is going to new places, spending time with my friends and lattes.

29262913 2914 2915

I spent the first day of my holidays catching up with my best friend Andrea at Gardiner and Field in Armadale.

We sipped on coffees, devoured  our breakfasts; I had the asparagus and poached egg and Andrea had raspberry quinoa, enjoyed the lovely atmosphere and planned new adventures.
Gardiner and Field on Urbanspoon

foto friday

F O T O   F R I D A Y


I hope you all have a fantastic Friday. Friday’s for me is not as exciting anymore. It’s the last day of uni for the week. Which means work Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That’s the life of a fashion student yo.

Also happy first day of May!


This is a cool series of doco’s called The Day Before. I’ve actually, now watched them all!



I feel like I’ve posted this here before but I’m not sure. It’s just a quick watercolor painting I did.



Me. Pardon all the selfies in this Foto Friday. You’ll notice I’ve bought a new red lipstick and I totally love it.



I went to the Night Market and had one of these yummy spirally potatoes. And of course some Sangria.



Some gouache painting of the colour wheel.


Me in my red lipstick. I’ve noticed it makes my hair look more blonde than usual!



Lots of buttons at Jimmy Buttons.



Lots of trims too. I had the urge to start tidying up for them while I was there, but I resisted. The lady actually lost her keys while I was there. I have no hope that she was able to find them:/



My friend Ashy’s hat. So super cool.


I found this at work. I think the other girl did it, maybe something to do with the shirts we sell having thread treads. I clothes are made in china so maybe I’m thinking that’s why its translated. No idea.


My outfit of the day for uni yesterday. The red lipstick makes things more exciting.


This is my latest book club read, and I just realised I haven’t updated you on book club. I like this picture of Patti.

IMG_9131My latte. I really, really love coffee and hanging out in cafes.


– Juliet x


foto friday

Hope you’ve all had a great week and hope you have an amazing weekend. Much love. Juliet x

IMG_8722Who doesn’t love selfies? I sure do :p

IMG_8750This image is from a magazine. I want the same in my house, except, instead of cds I’d like books. thanks.

IMG_8749I have been busy with some home organisation lately.

IMG_8747I stumbled across a cool haberdashery store in the nicholas building. i loved these mushrooms.

IMG_8746I made some yummy treats for morning tea. I’ll show you in my next post.

IMG_8745My lecturer showed us this cool book in class.

IMG_8744Delicious donuts at Movida Bakery for breakfast. Blueberry Custard is my new fave.

IMG_8743I bought these treats to take to my mums house. Chocolate cake with wild strawberries and coffee custard and mango tart. yum.

IMG_8740And also, they make amazing coffee at Movida Bakery.

IMG_8665Amazing room at NGV. I wish I lived in this room.

(all these photos were taken by me using my iphone and i edited them using instagram.)

foto friday

Today was my last day at my corporate job. I have three weeks off until I start my new course. I’m a bit scared but I’m a lot excited.


IMG_83431. I made some pancakes and this one looked like it had a skull on it. Way cool.

IMG_83442. I saw this in Myer of all places. I want one in my house. Thanks.

IMG_83383. First time having French Onion Soup at Paris Go in Carlton. A bit heavy, but very tasty and cheesy. And oniony.

IMG_83394. This is the sign of a cafe in Melbourne. I can’t remember the name but it’s a nice place.

IMG_83405. Street art painting outside Crown

IMG_83416. I would like both of these books. Please and Thank you.

IMG_83427. Where do you look for the truth? At Cup of Truth. Having a latte.

IMG_83138. From our book club: “Bitches, Burgers and Books.”

IMG_82539. Hi, my name is Juliet. I like taking selfies sometimes. Can we be friends?

IMG_824110. This was Saturday last week. I like Saturdays.

monday – photo diary

I’m absolutely loving my new lens. I took my camera around with me which is always so fun. I just wish it wasn’t so heavy!


I had no plans today but the day folded out quite nicely. I went to work, met my parents for a late lunch at Riverland by the Yarra. Then I went to the Palace Cinema and watched Paris-Manhattan. I became a member of Palace Cinema so that I can reach my goal of watching 365 movies this year. My original plan was to watch a movie a day but everyone around me told me it was a silly idea and that I couldn’t do it. And I listened to them, so I decided I’d change it and still aim to watch the same amount of movies. Which means I’ll have to have movie marathons quite often, and I have no problem with doing that. I’m quite excited actually, about both the film challenge idea and also becoming a member of Palace Cinema.

I took a flyer titled “Your Summer film guide” I’ve already ticked off two out of 12 films. Here’s the list:


1. Paris – Manhattan (Check)

2. Les Miserables

3. Samsara

4. Jack Reacher

5. Gangster Squad

6. Lincoln

7. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

8. Quartet

9. Life of Pi (Check)

10. Hitchcock

11. Django Unchained

12. Anna Karenina

2182 2186 2188 2190 2191 2197 2206 2214 2219

(All photo’s taken by me on my NikonD7000)

how many coffees can you buy with $20

$ 2 0  C O F F E E  A D V E N T U R E

I’d just hopped into the shower after an intense PT ( Personal Training) session and was thinking about what to do with the rest of my day as it was only about 11am.

I remembered the $20 note that I had in my wallet that I took out incase I wanted to go to one of the cafes in The Cafe Guide. Then the coolest idea popped into my head.

I wondered how many coffees could I actually buy with the $20?  Then, normally, what would happen is that I’d just write the idea off as ridiculous. However, I promised myself the other day after watching the documentary on Diana Vreeland that I’d try to be more like her. ( Someone in the documentary said that if they told Diana to go to the moon for a shoot that she’d hop into the space shuttle without even giving it a second thought.) So this is where my coffee adventure began.

1. Olie & Ari – 133-135 Were Street, BRIGHTON

This was my first stop. Such a cool cafe.The food

in the cabinets was very tempting. I didn’t have anything

because I needed to leave space for more coffee


The coffee cost $3.50 leaving me with $16.50.
Olie & Ari on Urbanspoon



2. Balmains – 117 Were Street, Brighton

Balmains was the second stop. I think I should have

probably stopped drinking coffee after the second one.

But I didn’t because that would be weak. I loved the coffee

cups at Balmains. They were so fancy with the nice gold


The coffee cost $3.70 leaving me with $12.80
Balmains Brighton on Urbanspoon


3. Pantry – 1 Church Street, BRIGHTON

This place was so busy it was awesome. I only had a coffee

but I felt like I should have really had something to eat. All

the food that I saw being served around me looked delicious.

The cool thing about Pantry was that on each table there

were black artist crayons. I didn’t ask anyone but I’m pretty

sure you would use them to write on the brown paper that

they had put on the tables. Awesome idea. I imagined diners

playing hangman, playing naughts and crosses or drawing

maps to show their friend how to get around etc etc.

This coffee cost $4.00 leaving me $8.80
Pantry on Urbanspoon



4. Tuccibrown – 268 Bay Street, BRIGHTON

This was my favourite cafe for the day. I can’t believe I

didn’t know about Tuccibrown. It’s a stationery store/cafe.

That’s everything I love all in one place. I bought a vintage

camera stamp (so cool) and looked through some cool arty

books while sipping my coffee. (I was kind of forcing the

coffee down at this point. I had definitely reached my coffee

drinking limit but I still had money left!! GAH!!

The coffee cost $4.00 leaving me $4.80.
Tuccibrown on Urbanspoon



5. The Little Ox – 452 New Street, BRIGHTON

I was dying by the time I reached this place. (I’d had way

too much coffee.) It was so lovely though. And the staff

were so friendly and smily. I would have loved to try one of

the pretty sweets, but it definitely had to be another time.

I fell in love with the butterfly art on the wall, it was so

pretty and I loved how the sunlight shone through the


The coffee cost $3.50 leaving me with $1.30.
The Little Ox   on Urbanspoon



Yep, this is the end of the $20 coffee adventure. I made it to 5 cafes and had $1.30 left. Thank goodness that wasn’t enough for another coffee because that would have been it. I don’t think I would have made it. It was an excellent

experience and all the cafes were really good. I’d never actually been to Brighton so it was a good experience. In case you were interested all my coffees were skinny lattes and I never take any sugar.

– Juliet x