The Juliet Journal: Book Wish List

Juliet Sulejmani | November 22 2016

Bookstores are one of my favourite places, I could literally spend hours in them. I like to see what’s on the shelves and tables, I like to check out the new books, and move along the aisles looking for something I don’t know I need yet. I made a post about a year ago, HERE, called ‘Looking For Answers’. I usually always find answers to things in books.

On my way home last night I made a detour to Readings Bookstore in Carlton. And so here is a list of all the books I took a photo of that I want to buy:

I ended up purchasing ‘Perfumes The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez’, and then continued on my way home.


The Juliet Journal: Intro

Juliet Sulejmani | November 18, 2016


One thing leads to one thing that leads to another thing that leads to more things and more things lead to everything. Super fantastic, am I right?

 The more you think the more you notice, the more you notice, the more you understand, the more you understand the more you learn.

 What am I talking about? I’m talking about life. I’m talking about inspiration. I’m talking about ideas, knowledge, people, things, books. I’m talking about everything.

And that ‘s exactly it, everything. That’s what The Juliet Journal is about.

 It’s a separate ‘category’ on The Juliet Report, where I will share whatever thing I have thought or discovered on that day. No format, no rules. Kind of stream of consciousness. Just whatever is inspiring me or what is on my mind. So pretty much more of this. Cool!


 PS. Talking about one thing leading to another thing…earlier I was on Hetty McKinnon’s Website Arthur Street Kitchen, and then I read her journal, and then was inspired, and then emailed her to tell her I was inspired, and then further conversation lead to this (The Juliet Journal). Fantastic.

DRESDEN: Eyewear and Eyecare

Juliet Sulejmani | November 17, 2016

225 Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

“Organic but technical. Playful and functional.”

That is how Dresden describe themselves, and that is exactly what they are.


Personally I don’t wear prescription glasses (the do also sell sunglasses), but I do know many people who do. I’ve seen people; lose their glasses, break the arms of their glasses, express their style with their glasses, spend a lot of money on glasses, and I’ve seen people go without wearing glasses because they can’t afford to pay for said glasses. So I kind of know what it’s all about.

I feel like Dresden is here for all those people. Dresden provide a service and product that is so practical, affordable, accessible, thoughtful, high quality and colourful.

Their glasses come in a wide range of colours, with interchangeable arms (you get an unlimited supply of pins (for free) with your purchase of glasses), the glasses are fully recyclable and are all made in Australia. So you don’t have to feel bad when you have to replace them. They also have a range that is created using milk bottle lids and plastic rubbish that has washed up on Byron Bays shores.

The staff are fully knowledgeable and can help you in store with all your optical needs. I actually called the store to check up on some details and after talking to a staff member I am thinking about going in for a full eye exam ( you can get one for $71), because they don’t just check your vision but the full health of your eyes. And with the amount of screen time I’m giving them these days I think they probably deserve that.


Pen, Paper & Prosecco at The Larwill Studio

Juliet Sulejmani | November 16, 2016

Pen, Paper & Prosecco is a workshop I will be guiding at The Larwill Studio in Parkville.

You will enjoy an afternoon of discovering your inner creative with this beauty themed illustration workshop. The workshop will give you a glimpse into my creative process as well has showing you how to see objects through a different perspective.

You will also learn various illustration exercises and techniques with a focus on taking inspiration from the everyday.

The workshop includes:

  • Glass of Brown Brothers Prosecco on arrival
  • Post workshop catering from Smith + Singleton
  • A frame to hold your illustration
  • A token gift from me.

You will need to bring:

  • Pens/pencils/paints/markers – various mediums will be supplied: however bring along any specific mediums you would prefer to use
  • A range of beauty items will be supplied for your illustrations: however please bring along anything you would like to use to illustrate (objects/images etc)

When: Saturday 26th November, 2-4pm
Where: The Larwill Studio, Parkville

Buy your tickets HERE so you don’t miss out as tickets are limited!


GONZO – Malthouse Theatre

Juliet Sulejmani | September 30, 2016

These days, as long as you have an internet connection, everything that exists in the world is right at your fingertips – whether you’re ready for what you’ll find or not.

Gonzo, a theatre show directed by Clare Watson, brings forward a discussion about a very popular internet search: porn. The show looks into all the aspects of porn online, with a focus specifically on how it affects teenage boys and how they are engaging with it.

Because of the sensitivity and lack of discourse around this topic, there is a lack of education in place to help these curious teenagers understand this digital world they’re living in.

The performance in Gonzo also makes it clear to the audience that most teens are informed enough to be aware of what they are doing and are able to ask the right questions concerning their behaviour.

Extensive research was conducted in the form of interviews, surveys and focus groups with over 700 teen boys participating, to find out what they know about the porn industry. All the information has been transformed into a humorous, witty and clever performance by four performers; Sol Rumble, Ari Long, Sam Salem and Jack Palit.

The show has been made to feel really relaxed and like the boys are not acting but just having a chat with each other onstage. In their chats they cover topics from working life as a teenager, to how to eat bananas properly, to Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, to how there are “heaps of Vegan’s walking around these days”, to how weird it is that animals always walk around naked, and how weird hairless cats are, but are the perfect pet for people who are allergic to cats while continuously coming back to porn and their thoughts and experiences.

Gonzo will have you laughing the whole way through, it his very relatable and will also make you think about the issues arising from this easy access we all have to porn and how it affects our lives.

Gonzo ends on October 1st, and at this time there are only tickets available for their 3:30pm session.

Click HERE if you’re interested!


The Juliet Report : STYLE

Britt Doherty | September 28, 2016

100% COOL is in town


BootsRM Williams: Classic Turnout / Black

JeansBassike: lo slung jean / Light vintage

BraLonely: Gigi soft cup bra / black

Shirt Cos: striped pyjama shirt / sky blue

SunglassesLe specs: OTTOMAN / gold