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Photo 1: I had this cool idea to visit as many yoga studio’s in Melbourne as I can. One I had been wanting to try was Yoga 213 in South Yarra, so that’s the first one I went to and I don’t think I will bother going anywhere else. I am enjoying it so much. It is the most perfect place for me. The actual Yoga practice is excellent, it’s so challenging and I am so inspired by the poses that the teachers have shown me. All the staff are super amazing. I was a bit intimidated to be honest, and worried I couldn’t manage it, but the teachers are so helpful and nice that I just love it. And my most favourite thing, they play Hip Hop beats while doing Yoga, if you know me, you will know this is basically heaven on Earth for me. I love Hip Hop. So this first photoΒ is of a painting of Biggie which is on the wall in Yoga213.


Photo 2: After Yoga I tried the new cafe that had opened on Chapel Street; Lucky Penny. It is a really great space, I enjoyed my coffee and I resisted because I’m trying to eat healthier, but there is a very irresistible cabinet filled with sweet treats. I was just thinking how annoying that when I lived in South Yarra there weren’t many cool cafes to hang out in, and now since I moved away all these cool ones have popped up, oh well.


Photo 3: My new notepaper pad from Kikki K, I am signed up with them and they gave me a $10 voucher for my birthday, so nice of them. I have millions of unused notepads, but I love the colours and designs on these, it’s so fun making notes on it. And the book is a Feminist Philosophy book by Iris Marion Young. I have been reading the essays in it lately and it has been answering some of my questions and also making me ask different questions. I really like it and would recommend it to anyone who likes reading interesting things.




p.s. I’m playing with the way I write my posts, the idea was to write less, but it didn’t turn out that way, hehe. Have a fun weekend.




Lucky Penny

Kikki K Notepad







I hope that you are all having a great start to your week. I hope that you all have some fun things planned as well, because you definitely need to do things that you enjoy and that make you happy.


I finished uni early today and decided to come home and make a start on all the homework that I need to do. I’ve been having a little bit too much fun there is actually no such thing but as a uni student and part-time worker I sadly have to limit the amount of fun I have which is sometimes sad but I figure it is ok because it will be holidays soon and i can have all the fun i want then. (phew. big sentence over.) and I haven’t been keeping on top of things.


The photo above is of my desk. It is pretty messy, so is the rest of the room but you can’t see that thankfully. I think I’m going to have to clean it before I start doing my homework.


If you want to know what I’ve been reading lately ( the stack of books on the right side of my desk):

-Balenciaga:The Master of us all – Mary Blume

-The Wind-up Bird Chronicles – Haruki Murakami

– The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

– Dreaming of Chanel – Charlotte Smith

– Metamorphosis- Franz Kafka

– The Little Prince – Antoine De Saint-Exupery




On the weekend I attended a talk at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

The speakers were; Akira Isogawa ( Australian designer born in Japan), David McAllister AM ( Artistic Director at The Australian Ballet – TBA), Jenny Howard ( Wardrobe Production Coordinator at TBA) and Roger Leong (Curator, International Fashion and Textiles) who was also the host.

They gave us an insight into the whole process of designing and producing the costumes for Graeme Murphy’s Romeo and Juliet 2011.

It was actually quite interesting because I didn’t realise that it was actually such a big production. They said there were 150 roles and that they made about 280 costumes. Jenny mentioned that she had about thirty people working with her; sourcing fabrics, trims,etc, making the costumes and being involved in the process. She also had to travel to Sydney a few times because Akira’s studio is in Sydney and Akira also had to visit Melbourne. Jenny also mentioned that Β she had to visit Sydney for the fittings too.

Click THIS link to see some of the costumes, there was an exhibit at NGV however I didn’t get a chance to take my own photos.

2512Pictured here: Roger Leong, David McAllister AM and Akira

DSC_2515Roger Leong, David McAllister AM, Akira Isogawa and Jenny Howard.

( All photographs taken by me using my Nikon D7000)

sex and the city

At Chadstone they currently have a mini exhibit of some costumes from Sex & The City. Here are some of my favourite ones. It was great to see the exhibit, however I’m not sure that they were all the actual originals. I’m not sure whether they’re supposed to be…

Photo 1 is Carrie’s dress from season 6, episode 20 (Paris) it’s by Versace Haute Couture.

Photo 2 is the lovely Chanel Scrabble Bag.

Photo 3 is the amazing Manolo Blahnik’s that I want along with the wardrobe that they are in in the actual scene when we first see them!



(* photo’s taken by me using my nikon d7000)


Hey, I’m back. I wasn’t planning on being back so quickly but I just couldn’t stay away.

I just took these photos. The first one is some illustrations I’ve been doing with watercolor and the DVD’s I’ve been obsessed with. “The Day Before – Loic Prigent”. They’re so good. It’s basically the 36 hours before a fashion show for particular designers. I think I’ve almost watched them all.

The second photo is some beautiful fabrics I bought at “The Fabric Store”.

And the third is the new Gorman a/w 13 look book. I like Gorman’s prints, they also have really comfortable shoes. My faves from the lookbook are the; Ellie malin + gorman collage landscape pant and the unique new york dress.


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monday – photo diary

I’m absolutely loving my new lens. I took my camera around with me which is always so fun. I just wish it wasn’t so heavy!


I had no plans today but the day folded out quite nicely. I went to work, met my parents for a late lunch at Riverland by the Yarra. Then I went to the Palace Cinema and watched Paris-Manhattan. I became a member of Palace Cinema so that I can reach my goal of watching 365 movies this year. My original plan was to watch a movie a day but everyone around me told me it was a silly idea and that I couldn’t do it. And I listened to them, so I decided I’d change it and still aim to watch the same amount of movies. Which means I’ll have to have movie marathons quite often, and I have no problem with doing that. I’m quite excited actually, about both the film challenge idea and also becoming a member of Palace Cinema.

I took a flyer titled “Your Summer film guide” I’ve already ticked off two out of 12 films. Here’s the list:


1. Paris – Manhattan (Check)

2. Les Miserables

3. Samsara

4. Jack Reacher

5. Gangster Squad

6. Lincoln

7. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

8. Quartet

9. Life of Pi (Check)

10. Hitchcock

11. Django Unchained

12. Anna Karenina

2182 2186 2188 2190 2191 2197 2206 2214 2219

(All photo’s taken by me on my NikonD7000)

looking through my lens


So today I finally bought the camera lens that i’ve been wanting for such a long time. A 35mm for my Nikon D7000. I’ve had a 50mm for such a long time and haven’t been able to take so many shots that I wanted to. So now everything will be perfect. If lens mm mean nothing to you, it’s ok, because I don’t really know much about it either. Basically the 35mm will let me take photos of people without having to go one hundred metres (i’m exaggerating by the way, but i mean going very far away.)Β from them. And everyone can be included in the photo instead of only one persons face as the 50mm likes to do. If that still doesn’t make sense it’s ok because this purchase basically has made my day.πŸ˜›


Today was my friend Emma’s birthday! Happy Birthday Emma!


The nail polish colour in the photo is OPI – Cajun Shrimp, nice for this hot weather here in Melbourne, I included this picture because it was the first photo I took with my new lens.



miss chu – south yarra

Miss Chu – South Yarra

276 Toorak Road, South Yarra

website: CLICK HERE

I never know how many photos is enough. I feel like sometimes only a few are required but sometimes like now, when I want to show you something, I just want to put them all in. So I did.

Last night my friends and I went to Miss Chu in South Yarra. I’d been wanting to go to the one in the city for quite some time but our plans kept falling through and then just recently I noticed the South Yarra one had opened so we thought we’d check it out. I didn’t know much about the story behind the “Tuckshop” or who “Miss Chu” actually was but just about three minutes ago I clicked the link ‘who is miss chu’ link on the website and it’s quite cool.

Miss Chu is…”designed for the modern eater on the go.” yep that’s me most of the time. So I guess I’m classified as a modern eater. I think this is a new trend that’s catching on, all these amazing restaurants that don’t take bookings, that are so delicious and very good value, that you just want to keep going back for more, we ‘modern eaters’ don’t care that we have to wait for one hour, or forty five minutes, or luckily last night we only waited fifteen minutes to get a table for three at Miss Chu. We’ll wait because it’s totally worth it. We know we wont be dissatisfied and we’ll love the food, the quick service, the cleanliness and coolness and the fact that we get water served to us in plastic recycled coconut juice cups from thailand or somewhere because they’re just so ‘chic’. We love it.

2082This is Steph, one of my closest friends. I love her style, she always inspires me.

2083This is outside the restaurant a.k.a the tuckshop

2103Steph had this drink: Lychee and Cucumber Coconut Crush

2113We shared most of the food. This is: Warm Vermicelli Salad: Lemongrass Beef

2115And the famous rice paper rolls we had: Satay Chicken & Cucumber

2116Steamed Dumplings: Asian Vegetables with garlic chives

2117Andrea had the Peking Duck Pancake

2122Steph had the Pork Bun and I had the Mushroom Bun

2124This is the vegetarian fried net spring roll

2126 2128 2130 2136 2137 2140421019_10151217464422083_1200453299_n

My favourite of all the food we tried was the Spring Rolls. I’d definitely love to go back here. The tuckshop was much bigger than it seems from the outside. And incase you were wondering we only paid about $25 each. Oh and I don’t think I’ve mentioned that it’s Italian Cuisine!

Any suggestions? What place should I try next?


( all photos taken by me except for the last one)
Miss Chu on Urbanspoon

when it’s hot or even when it’s not

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Brunswick East Project

438 Lygon Street. BRUNSWICK EAST

When it’s hot I love to drink Iced Coffees. I don’t usually like to have cream because of the calories. But ice-cream always makes it taste more delicious. My friend Lorraine recommended the iced coffee at The Brunswick East Project. She told me that they basically serve it in a bowl and the ice-cream is amazing in it. I went immediately the next day. My friend Emma (who’s hand and iced chocolate is pictured above) came with me on another day after she saw the photo of my iced coffee that i posted on instagram. The words on the door made me laugh. “No Hawkers ( or bloggers ) ” haha. awkward…. I only noticed that after I was selecting the photos to upload for this post.

(all photos are taken by me on my Nikon D7000)

Brunswick East Project on Urbanspoon